At Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company in Rocky Mount, NC, we offer a variety of services including business signs. Business signs are a great way to advertise for your company and bring customers in. Here are a few tips for an effective business sign:

  1. They stand out from their surroundings. If your office is painted white, it’s probably not the best choice to have a white sign that will blend in with the building; instead pick a bold blue or red to make it stand out.
  2. Less is more. You don’t want to include too many words on your sign because it will overwhelm your customers who probably won’t take the time to read everything. Instead, only include the basics. Also, incorporating a logo also helps create brand recognition with your customers.
  3. Pictures can pack a punch. Pictures on signs can send an immediate message that words sometimes can’t. They also make your sign stand out.
  4. Pick a font that is easy to read. Try to avoid cursive fonts that make words more difficult to read. You don’t want a potential customer getting confused about the name of your company or the services you offer.

For all of your business sign needs, contact us at Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company.