Halloween is just around the corner, and believe it or not, the scariest thing this season isn’t the costumes, but the fear making horrifying design mistakes on signs in Rocky Mount, NC, Greenville, NC, and surrounding areas. At Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company, we’ve been helping businesses since 1925 in making the best branding choices possible, but not everyone is so experienced. Worried about sign design disasters this Fall? Don’t be afraid— here’s how to avoid 3 common sign design horrors this Halloween.

1. Cluttered, Over-the-Top Design

There’s almost nothing worse for a customer to see than an eyesore of a business sign in Rocky Mount, NC. Whether it’s using too many bold colors, too many graphics or just making the sign too busy, these mistakes will actually hurt the overall concept more than it helps. Overdone design, no matter how much you spent on it, will actually make your business look less professional and it will negatively impact your brand. To avoid this horror, go for a simple, clean, and clear sign.

2. Unreadable Text

If there’s one Halloween Horror, it’s that customers wanting to reach you but not being able to find you. If your font is too small or hard to read, customers that are interested in you won’t be able to contact you. If it’s not easy to figure out who you are or how to reach you, chances are they are going to take their business elsewhere. To avoid this, choose clean, easy-to-read fonts in a large size. That way, you can attract customers and you can be reached.

3. Stretched, Low-Quality Images

Even if your font is perfectly sized and the sign has the perfect design, if your image is all stretched out and pixelated, it’s going to turn customer’s off. It just looks unprofessional. In the age of HD televisions and crisp smartphone screens, customers expect images to be crystal clear, not fuzzy and distorted. To avoid this, make sure you use large, high-quality images, with the right file type for your signs. It’s a little detail, but it will make all the difference in making sure your signs make an impact in Rocky Mount, NC.

Need More Branding Help?

We’ve been serving Rocky Mount, NC, and surrounding areas since 1925 by creating the custom signs businesses need. Our in-house fabricators can create the custom signs that can set your business apart. Whether you need it above one of our awnings, on business vehicles and trailers, or stand-alone signs, we’re dedicated to you. If you want to start making signs for your Rocky Mount, NC business, contact us today.