Heading to a craft fair or business expo? At Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company, we’ve worked with a lot of businesses to make sure they have the right signs, awnings, and canopies they need in Greenville, NC. With that in mind, here are 3 tips for your next craft fair.

1. Use Clear, Legible Signage

If customers can’t read your business name, chances are they won’t stop by. Make sure signage of your business, prices, and all other important information is large and readable. That starts with have large, readable fonts, with high-quality graphics. For more tips on designing signs like this, check out our guide.

2. Display Your Products Prominently

As great as your awning and canopy in Greenville, NC may be, you need to make customers stop. Wear your products if you can and think vertical when it comes to displays. Hang it prominently all around your display so they can see what you’re selling and know what you sell long before they get to your booth. That way you get more customers that are actually interested in your product.

3. Invest in a Great Display

At Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company, we’re proud to create not only great custom signs and awnings but canopies for your Greenville, NC business. Whether you’re a small business at a craft fair or a larger one at a tech expo, it’s important that you have the right branding for your tent. By investing with a canopy with us, you can make sure you have the custom logo and colors to help you stand out from the rest. In addition, we can help with any signs or awnings that you need.

Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company has been serving Rocky Mount, North Carolina and surrounding areas since 1925. We are an in-house fabricator of custom awnings and canopies, that can help make your storefront dreams a reality. We’re a one-stop-shop that can create, install,  and service our signs, awnings, and canopies for years to come. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.