As some of us experienced over the last few days, whenever a storm blows in, high winds may be the biggest threat to your business building or to your home. If you have an awning outside of your storefront or your home, you might be wondering how to ensure its safety during a big storm.

At Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company, we are an in-house fabricator of custom awnings and canopies. Our goal is to make your storefront dreams a reality. We create, install, and service our signs, awnings, and canopies. Our awnings and outdoor canopies can improve the look of residential, storefront, or business buildings while adding protection from the sun, saving you money, and advertising all at the same time. We also make and repair custom tarps and covers.

So, when you’re preparing for a big storm, first of all: make sure you take care of the frames of your awning. Awning frames are the skeleton of the awning body. The awning’s protection capabilities may be strong, but if the frames break down the awning will lose all of its function. On at least an annual basis it is a good idea to give the frames of an awning a good once over.

Make sure that no parts of the frame are bent, corroded, or damaged in any way. Pay special attention to joints and connections at the side and front of the awning as these are areas that are especially susceptible to breakdowns. If any issues are found as part of the regular check of the awning, make sure to contact an awning professional immediately to address the problem.

Next, don’t use temporary canopies! Even though these types of awnings are going to cost less than a permanently installed awning solution, your money will quickly go down the drain if the canopy is blown away or damaged by the elements. In addition, retractable pergolas, retractable or rotating louver roofs, and retractable awnings’ rain protection is going to be far superior to a temporary solution.

Beyond these practical issues, aesthetically temporary canopies are most likely not going to perform the function you will want. If the desire is long-term protection from the elements at a home or a business, a more permanent retractable awning, retractable pergola, retractable or rotating louver roof solution is a better choice.

Lastly, make sure the awning is anchored well. Even when installing a more permanent awning solution, it is paramount to consider how the awning will be anchored to the structure. To assure the retractable awnings’ protection, it is always best to retract it in poor weather such as medium to high wind, heavy rain, and hail to ensure it is not damaged. Make sure that you attach the frame securely to the structure in case of an extra, sudden gust that may stress the awning.

For any questions about your awnings or their protection during bad weather, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company today for all your awning, tent, and sign needs!