At Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company, we serve Rocky Mount, Greenville, and the Outer Banks, North Carolina and surrounding areas with our custom awnings, canopies, and signs. We have been an in-house fabricator of awning and custom signs since 1925, and we can help make your homefront and storefront dreams a reality! We’re a one-stop shop that can create, install, and service our signs, awnings, and canopies for many years.

Though we will design beautiful and unique signs for your business, it might be important to learn a few helpful tips about what makes a sign effective. Potential customers notice signs first before anything else, so they should make a great impression. When you meet someone for the first time, their first impression may stick with you forever. The same goes for signs!

Eye-catching signs with bright colors, vivid graphics, and clear and simple design and message are among the most effective signs. Here are a few tips on how to make your sign stand out:

  1. Use color and quality images. Some of the most beautiful and most effective signs use full-color graphics because this will catch the eye of future customers. Adding a border can help focus the attention. Consider using a different color to enhance the most important information on your sign; this will increase retention so that your future customers remember your business.
  2. Make your sign readable. No one wants to struggle while they’re trying to read a sign! Use a simple design that highlights the letters, and make sure your font is easy to read. Stay away from cursive or frilly fonts. The easiest combination of colors to read is yellow letters on a black background, or black letters on a yellow background. That being said, there are many other contrasting color combinations that work just as effectively.
  3. Make your sign pop. The sign and the message on your sign need to be visible from a standard viewing distance. Your sign should stand out from its surroundings. If your sign is small, that’s okay, but make sure to use a dark background and bright letters so that it’s readable.
  4. Keep your sign legible. Your font matters! Make sure your sign is spaced appropriately so that words and letters can be easily distinguished from one another.
  5. If possible, mix it up. Change the message, size, shape, or color of your sign every now and then to continue holding the attention of your customers. Don’t change it too frequently or too drastically, though, so that your customers remember your logo.

Designing an effective, beautiful, and unique sign doesn’t have to be hard! Let us do the heavy lifting for you. At Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company, we’re happy to design your sign for you and help you maintain its beauty for years to come. A good sign means better business! Call us today to get started.