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We saw some snow recently in North Carolina, and we all know how much damage snow can bring to your homes and businesses. Whether you have a canvas or a metal awning, you should make sure to remove any ice and snow on your awning. This will prevent any potential damage, because if ice or snow piles up, your awning could potentially give in and fall.

One way to remove snow from your awning is with a broom or a leaf blower. A snow broom can help push the snow off of your awning, and a leaf blower can either blow the snow off your awning, or start to make the snow melt. Make sure to follow precautions for your own safety if you use either of these methods.

Depending on the type of snow or ice you’re receiving, sometimes icicles can form from awnings too. Make sure to remove any icicles as soon as you can, because icicles can be quite dangerous for people walking underneath your awning. You can use a shovel or a broom to knock off icicles, but make sure you’re being careful so that you don’t get injured while you do this.

Once you’ve finished removing all ice and snow from your awning, it might be a good idea to use a hose to clean off the remaining debris. This depends on the weather and temperature too – don’t hose off your awning if it’s below freezing. You don’t want any remaining snow, ice, or dirt on your awning, because this can cause more damage (and dirt on awnings doesn’t look great!).

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