Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company is an awning and custom signs company that has been serving Rocky Mount, NC, Greenville, NC, and surrounding areas since 1925. We are an in-house fabricator of custom awnings and canopies, that can help make your storefront dreams a reality. We’re a one-stop-shop that can create, install, and service our signs, awnings and canopies for years to come.

At Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company, we are proud to say that we are in the business of helping your business grow. We do this by providing quality awnings and signs for your storefront. We also do this by providing top-notch customer service, which we believe is essential to the success of any business, including yours. So, here are some tips for stellar customer service:

  • Clear communication is key to quality customer service. Your customers should have no doubt what you’re telling them and what the next steps will be. Make sure that your policies and expectations are communicated clearly to your employees as well so that they can relay reliable information to your customers.
  • Along with communicating clearly, it also important that you listen to your clients’ needs and complaints. Take to heart what they’re saying and use this information to improve your business model.
  • Help your customers promptly and efficiently. This can be accomplished by communication clearly and listening carefully. Once you understand what your client needs or wants, you can then help them to accomplish this goal with your reliable customer service.

For all your business’ sign and awning needs, contact us at Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company in Greenville, NC.