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For a while there, it was beginning to seem like we would never see the sun again in North Carolina. Fortunately, this week’s forecast has given us a break from all of that rain and given us some sunny days to enjoy the great outdoors. Awnings are a great way to protect your storefront and your customers from the elements, like rain and sunshine. Unfortunately, that means that your awnings get the brunt of the harsh treatment from these elements, leading to damage over time. So, how can you protect your awnings from sun damage?

One of the main results of sun damage is fading in your awning, whether it’s a fabric or a metal awning. However, fabric awnings are especially prone to fading from sun exposure. The first step to preventing sun damage to your fabric awnings is to pick a weather resistant material such as vinyl. Cheaper materials won’t hold up to the elements as well as some of the sturdier fabrics do.

Another step to preventing sun damage is to apply weatherproofing products to your awnings. Before you do so, you want to clean any dirt or debris from your awnings. Also be sure to follow any of the manufacturer’s directions about what products you can and cannot use.

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