It’s starting to get colder and colder! We’re not exactly sure when the winter will be here to stay, but it looks like we’re going to have a cold winter regardless. What happens if there’s snow on your awning? Can it damage your awning? How do you remove snow without causing damage to your awning? We’re here to answer all these questions today and more! At Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company, we are an in-house fabricator of custom awnings, canopies, and signs. Our goal is to make your storefront or home front dreams a reality. We create, install, and service our signs, awnings, and canopies. Our awnings and outdoor canopies can improve the look of residential, storefront, or business buildings while adding protection from the sun, saving you money, and advertising all at the same time. We also make and repair custom tarps and covers.

Although many types of awnings are made to withstand strong weather conditions, there are several drawbacks to not removing snow after a storm. If you leave snow on your awning for a long time, you might notice mold and mildew starting to creep up on your awning. You may also notice sagging, rips, and/or tears. This isn’t good! You definitely want to try to get the snow off your awning well before something bad happens. Most people’s first instinct is to grab their shovel – but don’t! Awnings need to be handled with care, and a shovel could rip right through your awning.

You might want to try these methods instead:

Sweep – Use a snow broom with soft bristles to remove the heaviest accumulation first.

Leaf Blower – If light flurries are in the forecast, no need to sweep away inches of snow. Instead, grab a leaf blower to blast away those tiny particles of moisture (before they freeze up).

Roof Rake – For metal or steel awnings, use a roof rake to clear away the snow, as this type of awning is strong enough to handle raking.

Hose – Hose down dirt after you’ve cleared away the snow for optimal results. Especially if you experienced a blizzard recently, it’s common for dirt and debris to get blown around. And if you don’t remove as soon as possible, the debris can damage your awning.  

As a safety precaution, always be sure you have a ladder and another person nearby while removing snow from your roof. Have questions about caring for your awning? For all of your awning, sign, canvas, and tarp needs in the Rocky Mount and Greenville, NC areas, contact Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company today! We can’t wait to work with you to make all your storefront dreams a reality.