When it comes to attracting attention for your small business, signs are an effective way to get your message across. We know that creating a sign can seem daunting, but at Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company, we are a custom sign company that has been serving Rocky Mount, NC, Greenville, NC, and Fayetteville, NC for almost 100 years. We will help you create, install, and service our signs for years to come.

Are you ready to start catching the eyes of potential customers? Contact us today to get started! In the meantime, here are some tips on how to pick the right sign type for your new business!

Overwhelmed by the sign options? Don’t be – the first step is simply determining what business need your sign will fulfill. If you are:

  • Outfitting your store or office, posters and window decals will grab the attention of people browsing.
  • Preparing for an indoor event, like a trade show, banners, retractable banners, tabletop signs and foam boards will complement your booth well.
  • Preparing for an outdoor event, like a craft fair, banners, yard signs and flags will catch the attention of traffic – even at a distance.
  • Showcasing a sale, banners, posters, foam boards, retractable banners and tabletop signs are effective ways to make your promotion clear and noticeable.
  • Spreading general branding and awareness, banners, posters, car magnets, yard signs and flags are the right products to display your logo, contact details or any other information you want to reach your potential customers.

Now that you’ve determined what business need your sign is fulfilling, start to think about where it is going, and ask yourself some key questions. Will this sign be used indoors or outside? If it is going to be used outside, how long are you going to be leaving it there? Will it need to withstand certain wind conditions? Will it need to stay out in the rain, or do you plan to bring it indoors overnight? Whether you are using this inside or out, how durable do you need this to be? In an ideal world, how long would you want this product to last? Are you going to bring it with you to multiple trade shows across the country, for example, or will you just be using it once or twice for a special occasion?

As you’re looking for a specific product to meet your signage needs, it is very important to keep the answers to these questions in mind as you shop. Different materials can withstand different types of elements. For example, if you know your sign will see some rainy days, we recommend selecting a material that will resist rain, like vinyl or corrugated plastic. Rainy conditions would also indicate that you should stay away from lighter, non-water resistant materials like poster paper. If you’re up against anticipated windy conditions, you want to make sure you select a product that is either heavy on its own or can be securely weighted or tied down.

Be sure to think through how you are going to hang your sign, or to what material you are going to need to attach it. Need to utilize window space? Check out window decals, or signs that can be attached via suction cups. Have poles or a fence available? Make sure to get rope or zip ties to secure the sign in place. Don’t have anything available? Choose a free-standing sign or sign stand.

Your final location consideration should be your product’s physical size, especially as it relates to the amount of space you have available for this signage. Keep in mind that the larger your font size, the easier it will be to read your message – you want to select the largest size of product you can without overwhelming the space. For example, if you are selecting a window decal to merchandise store hours or a sale or promotion, make sure to measure your window space first before thinking about the product’s design. Another example could be a banner that’s being designed to hang over an entryway. You would want to make sure that you select a banner that fits nicely within the awning space. Too long and you may have trouble hanging it, too short and you’ll sacrifice your messaging space.