Awnings are a phenomenal investment in your home or business, your comfort, and your happiness. That might sound like a dramatic statement, but we promise we’re telling the truth! We have seen the delight that high-quality awnings can bring firsthand and love to share that happiness with all of our customers. But… unfortunately, sometimes awning installation provides problems that you’ll need to fix (though our awnings shouldn’t cause a single problem).

Here are three common issues with awning installation, and how to fix them:

Knocking or Cracking Sounds During Extension/Retraction

Unnatural sounds can be the result of brackets that were improperly tightened during awning installation. Look for the square torsion bar, and make sure it is completely seated in the back of the mounting bracket. Tighten the mounting bolt until the locking lip on the inside of the mounting bracket is pulled down over the torsion bar.

Loose, Sagging Fabric

The fabric of retractable awnings can occasionally sag if the awning arms are overextended. Simply reverse the cranking direction and retract the awning until the fabric is once again taut. Remember, fabric should be rolling over the top of the roller tube and not coming from underneath.

Motor Failures During Extension/Retraction

Tubular motors for retractable awnings have built-in thermal overrides to keep them from overheating. Extended periods of usage can send your awning motor into shutdown, so your best course of action is to just leave it alone for a while. Wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then try to operate the awning again.

These are just a few things you can do to keep your retractable awning in top condition. Along with practices like retracting during bad weather and refraining from hanging heavy objects across the front bar, you can keep your awning working for a long time!


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