Starting a business? Looking to revamp your storefront? Signs are integral to advertising your products and your store. We can help! At Carolina Awning & Tent Company, we have been serving areas in North Carolina such as Rocky Mount, Greenville, and the Outer Banks since 1925. We are an in-house fabricator of custom awnings and canopies, and we can help make your storefront dreams a reality. We create, install, and service our signs, awnings, and canopies for years to come.

How you present your business to the public is as important as the products you sell. You want the sign to be catchy and memorable. Luckily, there are a lot of different kinds of outdoor signs for you to choose from.

  1. Blade signs: Blade signs can help draw attention to your business. A blade sign projects from the front of a building, mounted by a pole and frame system or a decorative bracket. You will find this type of sign in lit and unlit varieties.
  2. Face-lit channel letters: Channel letters are individual characters and logos that sign companies install together to create your sign. Face-lit channel letters are among the most common outdoor lighted business signs. Their internal lighting illuminates the face of the letter, helping your sign stand out even at night. The characters come in a range of depths depending on your business sign designer. You may find sizes of two, three and five inches in depth.
  3. Reverse-lit channel letters: Also called halo-lit letters, this variety of channel letters is lit from behind. The light projects onto the wall behind it for a soft glow. Reverse-lit channel letters provide a great ambiance to your storefront.
  4. Non-illuminated channel letters: You can find channel letters in unlit options if you don’t need lighting on your sign. Non-illuminated channel letters feature the same style of individual characters and logos in a range of depths. Full-service sign companies produce these in aluminium or acrylic. And they can paint them to match your brand.
  5. High-rise signage: If your business is in a skyscraper, you can use high-rise signage to show where to find you. Be sure to research your city’s building codes before choosing a high-rise sign for your business. These signs come with safety requirements and commonly use illuminated channel letters. Companies install them toward the top of buildings, so they must be eye-catching and secure.
  6. Monument signs: A monument sign draws from your building’s architecture. Businesses not visible from a main road use these signs. They typically include the company address.
  7. Neon signs: Get a vintage aesthetic with neon signs. Customized for you with molded glass tubing, neon signs provide a unique look. 
  8. Pylon signs: Pylon or pole signs appear on properties with many businesses. Industrial parks, malls and other centers use pylon signs to advertise the variety of businesses customers will find there. You can use a pylon sign if you own a center or if you’d like to promote your individual business.

As you can see, there are lots of different signs to help advertise your business. At Carolina Awning and Tent Company, we can personalize your business materials. Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to freshen up your business advertising. Or, if you’re a new business owner ready to brand your company, we’re here to help you get started!