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There have been multiple studies that have been done to show the effects that different colors have on people’s moods, as well as what our personal color preferences have to say about our personalities. Those in business marketing have used this science to create logos and signs that will help to create the mood and mindset that they want their company to portray.

Here are some of the influences that colors can have on your customers’ moods:

  • Red is known to increase appetite, which is why many restaurants use red in their logos and on their signs.
  • Blue creates a feeling of tranquility and is often preferred by male customers.
  • Green is connected to health and nature, making it an ideal color for any brands promoting these two things.
  • Black represents stability and intelligence. It is a bold and simple choice for your logo or sign.
  • White is associated with cleanliness and safety. Some white space in your sign or logo can go a long way.

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