Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company is an awning and custom signs company that has been serving Greenville, North Carolina and surrounding areas since 1925. We are an in-house fabricator of custom awnings and canopies, that can help make your storefront dreams a reality. We’re a one-stop-shop that can create, install, and service our signs, awnings and canopies for years to come.

If your company has a store or office for your clients to visit, your storefront is often the first impression customers get of your company. What does your storefront say about your business? Of course, you want it to show your customers that you are reliable and successful– a company they want to work with.

One major way that your storefront can send the wrong message is through dirtiness and disrepair. If you can’t keep your windows clean or your awnings in good condition, why should a customer trust you to do your job right for them? With that said, we suggest that you regularly clean your windows and awning, sweep outside of your storefront, and call us to replace or repair your awnings and signs when they need it.

One way that you can give a great impression to potential clients is through your storefront. Install a sign that is unique, yet bold and easy to read. Bright and clean awnings are another way to make your storefront stand out from the rest.

If your business takes to the road, we can also help you there. We can create custom decals and logos for your company cars or trucks.

If you want to make a great first impression with your customers, or if you’ve noticed that your storefront could use a pick-me-up, contact us at Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company in Greenville, NC. We have had you covered since 1925!