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When people start a new business, they have to think about marketing and how they will brand their business. One essential marketing strategy is signage, but in our digital age, is it better to have digital signs or static signs? We’ll talk pros and cons of both.

Static signage

Static sign, the backbone of Outdoor and Indoor signage, has more or less two functions: to inform and decorate.

Static Signage as a means of messaging and information is widely known as out of home advertising (OOH). Traditional OOH advertising signage includes – Custom Signs for Building exterior and interior branding, vehicle – Fleet Graphics, Billboards, Banners, Street furniture, Stand signs.

Traditional Signage also has the “beauty” side – to decorate the interior… and why not Exterior… with Welcome signs, Canvas wall clusters, Decorative stands, Vinyl letterings, stickers and etc.

So, as you see static signage has a wide spectrum of signs still to offer, that’s why there is no need to read statistics to understand why some still prefer Traditional signs in the modern – digital world.

The Advantage of the Static Signage foremost is its ability to create the feeling of consistency and elegancy.

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the traditional signage, but remember that digital display is just another type of a sign, which complements the Static signage solutions.

Digital Signage

Digital signage incorporates any size electronic display, which informs and advertises through text, streaming media, video walls, animation and audio.

The advantage of the digital signage or digital out of Home (DOOH) advertisement is that content can be changed more easily, and deliver specific messages to the target audience at any times.

But, what is exactly a digital signage?

Vendors of Digital Signage characterize it as a method of advertising, which generates awareness and general marketing. For some, digital signage is just the bigger size TVs located in public spaces, retail stores and corporate for wayfinding, exhibiting and, of course, marketing.

Well, after all, it’s an ideal solution for the companies who compete to maintain their tech-advanced or tech-savvy status.

Another key thing to remember, Digital signage is not yet fully shaped to its potential, it’s expensive and has some downsides.