At Carolina Awning and Tent Company, we have been serving Rocky Mount, Greenville, Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas since 1925. As your local in-house fabricator of custom awnings, tarps, and signs, we can help make your storefront or home front dreams a reality. The good news is that we’re a one-stop-shop, which means we can create, install, and service our products for years down the road.

We’re all aware of the serious and severe weather happening all over the US and the world, especially those of us who may still be recovering from past storms. With hurricane season upon us, it’s important to prepare for the worst. Once you’ve dreamed of, designed, paid for, and installed your beautiful custom sign for your business, the last thing you want to happen is that it gets swept away or battered in a storm. Here are a few tips on protecting your sign during a storm:

  1. Set yourself up for success. When buying a new sign, choose one that is built to last. Even if you don’t end up working with us, do enough research before you choose a custom sign company. You’ll want to make sure that your sign is ready for some wear and tear like storms. If you have the option, you should always consider paying a little bit more for a high-quality sign that’ll last longer.
  2. Cushion the blow of the storm. Make sure you choose a sign that makes sense for where you’re located geographically. Where’s the sign going to be displayed? Will it be in the shade or sun for most of the day? Will it be subject to heavy winds? Or is your sign tucked away so it won’t be as affected by weather? These are all questions you should consider before committing to a sign.
  3. Mount your sign. If you can mount your sign with some kind of mounting bracket kit, this will add stability. Though this may require more work on your part (and/or may be more expensive), again: it’ll be worth it to see your sign standing after a big storm.
  4. Consider installing wheels on your sign. This way you can easily move your sign in case of bad weather. This is a cost-effective solution too, since your sign will last longer because it’ll be out of the elements.
  5. Stay calm! While we believe that signs for your business are essential, we also believe that protecting yourselves, your employees, and your loved ones is far more important than any sign. If worse comes to worst, take shelter and take care. You can always replace a sign, but you can’t replace loved ones.

At Carolina Awning and Tent Company, we’re dedicated to providing the signage you need at the best possible price. When you partner with us, you are working with professionals that want to fabricate exactly what you need. Contact Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company today for all your awning, tent, and sign needs!