Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company in Rocky Mount, NC has had you covered since 1925 when it comes to tents, awnings, and signs. We offer unbeatable prices and extraordinary services. We are in the business of helping your business grow, and all of our services and products do just that.

Awnings– We offer quality metal and canvas awnings in a variety of styles and colors. Our awnings help to make your business front pop and stand out from its surroundings. They also make your business front look professional and clean while also providing shade and protection for your customers as they come into your place of business.

Signs– Another way to attract new customers to your business is through eye-catching signage. We offer a variety of sign sizes, font styles and colors, and unique designs. Not only do we make signs to fit your personal tastes, we also make sure our signs are high-quality and long-lasting, which ensures your investment in a sign will continue to repay you through the years to come.

Tarpaulins– We also design, repair, and fabricate custom tarpaulins for your business. Asphalt tarps, lumber tarps, and grill covers are just a few examples of what we can do. We can even add your company’s information to the tarpaulin as an additional way for you to advertise your company.

For all of your business advertising needs, contact us at Rocky Mount Awning and Tent Company in Rocky Mount, NC.